Digital Learning Centers

Digital Learning Centers

HWCT Feels, In light of the above emerging scenario, we play a crucial role in creating opportunities by bringing the right partners together for investing in strategic and innovative implementable education projects for desirable change as a part of the affirmative action. The institution through its practices conceptualises interventions focusing on digital education, inclusive and integral education and computer led learning.

HWCT has partnered with over 22 rural schools to open the DIGITAL CENTRES which will support the students and other schools in proximity distance of the location. These schools shall facilitate the following programs for its students.

  • Digital Education
  • Computer Skills
  • Software Learning
  • Operating Apps
  • Data Entry
  • Mobile Banking
  • Preventing Cyber Crime
  • Computer Hardware
  • MS Office
  • E-Banking

We aim to work closely with the schools especially teachers to facilitate them to educate the children with the Digital knowledge, mobile apps and e-banking in more efficient ways. The goal is to create platforms in schools where children have the opportunities to learn about Digital Skills and lay the stronger foundation for the better employment opportunities. We also aim to engage with the parents and stakeholders. These initiatives will lead to creating a conducive environment in society with better employments ratio in the community.

All aspects of digital education will get ample attention in the various projects and products that we teach. It will help in mapping the requirement of a child, assess his/her learning outcomes as well as make learning more receptive, helping the student to lay the stronger foundation for better future.