Skill & Livelihood Program

Skill & Livelihood Program

HWCT’s Skill & Livelihood Program comprises the capabilities, assets (including both material and social resources) and activities which act as prerequisites for a means of living. Nowadays, sectorial experts and academicians are debating more and more on the topics such as livelihood security and sustainable livelihood frameworks, that range from primary sector (agriculture) to secondary sector (manufacturing) to tertiary sector (services).

The major areas that require focused efforts and innovative approach are as follows:

  • Facilitate youth specific skills training across service sectors
  • Promote technology based interventions that can boost agricultural growth
  • Develop simple models that impact livelihood productivity rate
  • Facilitate Entrepreneurship Development (EDP) programmes
  • Engage with the present and emerging markets, with a demand driven approach

HWCT envisions to build self-sustaining environment for the under privileged families in remote villages. HWCT is aggressively partnering with MNC’s, SMB’s & Organizations that share the same vision and passion. HWCT has already made various projects for supporting the women's in the villages, in the close distance from their houses, which enables them to participate in the programs. The various integrated programs are being progressively rolled out to women's group in villages and aims to multiply rural incomes through a wide spectrum of interventions. It is indeed satisfying that these programs add significant value to farmer families, thereby empowering farmers & supporting hundreds of livelihoods by increasing their income.

Keeping in mind these concerns, HWCT is committed to create impact in the value chain at each level, be it farm or non-farm service sub-sectors, through simple, scalable and replicable interventions.