Celebrate your Happiness at the Animal Welfare Centre

Hello everyone! There are many ideas to celebrate your special occasions. But sharing your happiness by providing food to needy and hungry animals makes your celebration more joyous and happiness for yourself.

For example, your or loved one’s birthday is a special day. You came into this world for a reason and with many milestones. And what better way to celebrate your accomplishments by contributing and sharing it with strays who need support. You can plan your birthday in a unique way. You can bring along your friends and families and distribute or donate things which a school or an NGO would need to help various sections of society.

If you would like to invite more people we can even organise a big food distribution drive for you. You can choose the amount and we can provide the best meal with the chosen amount.

Just imagine the happiness you will bring to these animals by giving them a nice hot nutritious meal. 

This is not only a unique way to celebrate your birthday but can also be a great experience for friends and family. How often are we looking for a present for someone who has everything he needs or to whom we already gave all the presents we can think of? Make someone happy with this contribution to happiness.

Donations to HUMAN WELFARE CHARITABLE TRUST are eligible for tax Exemption under Sec 80-G Income tax Act 1956.

The payment can be done by cash, cheque, NEFT transfer, online transfer or RTGS. If you are interested in knowing more or sponsoring a feeding event, please write in to info@human-welfare.org

Please enter the amount you want to donate for celebrating your special occasion. Once you have made the payment please get in touch with us on +91-9819756020

NOTE: We need a minimum number of 100 Meals for the drives. The distribution can be done at Orphanages, Old Age Homes or to homeless individuals depending on the need of the hour! The number of meals can vary 10% in the total quantity in the rehab homes, any extra meal packet shall be distributed to the most needy.