Project Magix Box is a transformative initiative at HWCT Naigaon Facility, dedicated to advancing digital education and computer learning opportunities for underprivileged students and communities of Palghar, Maharashtra. At HWCT we understand the crucial role of technology in today’s world, the foundation aims to bridge the digital divide and equip the marginalized with essential digital skills. Experienced trainers and mentors guide learners, enabling them to leverage technology for personal and professional growth within the children and youth. The project Magic Box programs create a level playing field, unlocking new opportunities and empowering the underprivileged to participate fully in the global digital ecosystem.

Enhancing Digital Infrastructure, Education and Training in Rural Schools

HWCT India-leading digital education NGO through its PROJECT MAGIC BOX plays a crucial role in enhancing digital education by bringing together the right partners for investing in strategic and implementable, innovative Digital Education Centres in rural areas. This Online Teaching NGO conceptualises inclusive and integral digital education programs through its computer-led learning practices. These digital classrooms then facilitate the following programs to rural students: Digital Education and Computer Skills.


Our digital learning success story is a testament to the transformative power of technology in education. Faced with traditional barriers to learning, we harnessed the potential of digital tools to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations and educators, we developed a user-friendly digital learning facility that had catered to diverse learning styles and needs. Access to quality education became democratized, transcending geographical boundaries and economic constraints.

The impact was remarkable. Student performance and engagement levels soared, and the educational gap narrowed. Our success story underscores the potential of digital learning to revolutionize education, bridging gaps and empowering learners of all backgrounds. As we continue to embrace innovation, our journey serves as an inspiration to the world, illustrating the boundless opportunities that arise when technology and education intersect.


  • Upgrading Existing Digital Models using tools and frameworks.
  • Co-develop training , on-site coaching materials and method creating an affordable, modular, portable and versatile technical solutions to facilitate training and teaching at all locations with or without available infrastructure.
  • Evaluate schools and nearby communities to maximise efforts to club them together.
  • Develop online tools to equip children to enrol for webinars, attend virtual classrooms and learn basic courses by themselves without any teachers or work remotely on their team projects with online coaching.
  • Train their faculties to ensure that learning methods are adapted to suit their students learning abilities.
  • Launch Digital Vans to visit schools and run short programs for their students since these schools have no internet connections, frequent electricity cuts and not enough students to create classroom training facilities.
  • Launch Digital Learning Bikes to enable teachers reach their schools where public transport is not easily available.
  • Give Scholarships to students through channel partners.
  • Interact with eminent speakers to support start-ups, investors and innovation hubs for creating legacy enterprises and bright partnerships.
  • Equip students with skills, tools and frameworks to lead the digital transformation in their employment career and communities.