Poshan Program is an exceptional initiative with a singular focus on improving nutrition and providing quality food for underprivileged children and communities. Committed to eradicating hunger and malnutrition, poshan implements innovative programs that address food insecurity through sustainable solutions. From establishing open kitchen for the community and food banks to advocating for nutritious school meals, the foundation ensures that every individual has access to nourishing food. Collaborating with local partners and leveraging technology we maximizes its impact, reaching the most vulnerable populations. By promoting awareness on nutrition and offering skill-building workshops, they empower communities to make informed choices about their health. Poshan initiative is unwavering dedication brings that hope and dignity to those in need, fostering a healthier and happier future.

Treatments and Guidance for the holistic well being of their students

Nutrition Guidance Programs are driven by the core objective of eradicating malnutrition, thus they require periodic and systematic monitoring of growth indicators by the stake holders. The Data Analysis Report from the health check-ups guides the field team to take immediate corrective measures for the children suffering from malnutrition. Medical camps are conducted by Medical Officers of Primary Health Centre and their paramedical staff on a pre-determined date.


Through determined collaboration, HWCTINDIA has tackled food insecurity and malnutrition head-on.

Establishing efficient food distribution channels, we reached vulnerable populations with essential nourishment. Through strategic partnerships with corporates, Food banks, businesses, and other non- profits, we procured nutritious food resources and developed efficient distribution networks. These efforts ensured that even the remotest corners of our community had access to sustenance. But we didn’t stop at just providing food; we empowered individuals with knowledge. Regular workshops on proper nutrition, meal planning, and hygiene practices empowered families to make informed choices and break the cycle of malnutrition.

This success story underscores the significance of united efforts in ensuring food support, eradicating malnutrition, and fostering a healthier future for all.

Our journey from food support to improved nutrition stands as an inspiring model for communities across the areas we serve.


  • Detect ailments in children early and refer them for further treatment under proper medical guidance.
  • These camps undertake Blood Check, Blood Grouping, Dental Check, ENT Check, Anemia or Nutrition Evaluation of the children, followed by guidance of medical officer.
  • Students who require specialised treatment are referred to higher medical institutions and such cases are treated at special counters in these institutions.
  • Select students studying in higher classes are trained to work as Health Guides. These students identify children with health problems and bring it to the notice of the Teachers, Doctors and the visiting paramedical teams.
  • School Health Card is printed and issued to every student mentioning his/her blood group, name, address and emergency contact number.
  • Health Appraisal Registers with complete medical history of every student checked is maintained at local health facility for ready reference.